Isn’t it a relief when a politician follows through with what he or she said he or she would do?

I realise that sounds a little cynical, but I guess, like many people, I’ve come to not expect this will be the case.

Not so with our Federal Member Luke Howarth who recently gave us the most glorious plug in Parliament!

The commercial side of me says, OMG you can’t BUY that kind of publicity!!!

The me who is passionate about what we are doing with MemBo Noticeboard, committed to those we can help, and totally flabbergasted at how many lives we can change for the better says:  “Thank you Luke Howarth, you’re one of the good ones!”

To view his glorious speech go to

MemBo Noticeboard is a super straightforward system that replaces Wall Calendars, White Boards and Pocket Diaries with an App that displays appointments, notes and photos on Tablets and Mobile Phones.

Because it can be accessed by multiple people, family and carers can easily assist someone who needs support to live independently – irrespective of where they live, or how involved they are.

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