MemBo Noticeboard’s service remains uninterrupted, and it’s worth is weight in gold – now more than ever!!

For people who need support to live independently and for their Families and Carers, these times are especially difficult.

Whether you live close to one another or in different towns, cities, states or even countries, the business of staying in touch and providing your usual level of daily support could become very difficult indeed.

One of the resources you can tap into is MemBo Noticeboard.

It replaces Calendars, whiteboards, notes and diaries with a live Noticeboard that displays appointments, notes and photos on Tablets and Mobile Phones, and can be updated by multiple people from mobile phone, tablet or computer.

MemBo can be set to display 24/7 or as needed, does not have to be touched to view the information, and and can be updated instantly by those with access – that means the information is always up to date removing a huge issue for people experiencing confusion.

MemBo helps all sorts of people – those with dementia, acquired brain injury, mental illness and any other disability that makes it difficult to manage daily tasks, and where the support of others enables independent living.

It can be accessed from virtually anywhere, so it’s a perfect solution for any family.

If social isolation measures lead to a situation where you are not able to support your loved one on a daily basis, MemBo will keep doing its job day and night.

And when Mother’s Day or a Birthday comes round, it’s easy to just pop a little something up on the Noticeboard!

We’re ready to help you and your family, and we have a 30 day free trial to make sure it meets your needs.

Simply contact me by email and we can get you and your loved one set up, and supported today!

If you would like a little more information, visit our website where you can also start your free 30 day Trial.