Get Started Guide

Don't forget to keep a note of your Account Credentials.

We recommend you retain the same password for both, but they can be different. PLEASE NOTE: If the password for the App is changed, it must be updated on every device with the App installed.

Internet Access


The system requires very little data to function. 1 to 2 GB should be sufficient, however, uploading masses of photos often, will affect this.

Overseas Users

Devices (tablets and mobile phones) automatically know the local time. If you are updating the Noticeboard for someone who lives in another country, you do not need to make allowance for the time difference because the App and the Tablet together will ensure appointments appear at the correct time..


Part One: Install the App


Enable App


Download from Google Playstore or the App Store. If the operating system on your device is less than required, the App Store will not offer MemBo Noticeboard on the list.  You may be able to update your device, or alternately use a different device.

To install the App on a Tablet, you will need to input your Wifi settings from the Tablet’s home screen.  To do this, click the Settings icon and choose WLAN. 

Create or Join Existing Membership


The first time the App opens, you will be presented with the option to Create a Membership or enter existing credentials.

To create a new Membership, choose Create New and follow the prompts.


To Join an existing Membership, click on the Settings button and enter the Account Credentials, and give your Device a Name so that it can be distinguished from other Devices.


Choose the back button at top left and you should see confirmation that your settings have been saved.


NOTE: When the App is first installed, the choice of Full or Basic Functionality is offered. If no choice is made, the Device will automatically be provided with Full, which enables the User to make changes to the Noticeboard, and direct access to the Account Management Hub.


See Security Considerations below


Part Two: Choose Settings


The default settings are likely to suit, but can be changed at any time. Go to the Main Menu (3 dots top right of Main screen) and choose Settings.
See section below for settings to consider, especially if you are assisting someone with memory issues, or who cannot manage the device.

Part Three: Update Information on the Noticeboard


Information can be updated in the App on Mobile or Tablet, or in the Management Hub accessed from any web browser.


You can upload appointments, notes and photos in the App, however entering numerous appointments and notes can be easier to do in the Management Hub which offers a larger physical area.  The Hub also has a number of important additional features that are not available in the App.


See more details below


Part Four: Invite Users


You can invite multiple users to join your Membership, and this is done from the Main Menu (3 dots top right of Main Screen).


The system will generate an automated invitation email, however for security reasons, your account credentials will not be included. These will need to be provided to new Users separately.


See Security Considerations section below


Part Five: Membership


The first 30 days’ Membership is FREE and provides for up to 5 devices to install the App.

To continue to use the system, you will need to take a Membership. Information can be found at


Part Six: Further information


How to Update Information in the App


o    View the Notice Board Button: This opens the Noticeboard presenting three tabs: Summary combines today’s & tomorrow’s appointments and Notes: Notes displays all current Notes; Appointments displays 12 days of appointments.


o    Add an Appointment: Select the Appointment Tab, then Manage, and key in the information. Recurring Appointments can only be created in the Account Management Hub – see below.


o    Add a Note: Select the Notes Tab, then Manage, and key in the information.


o    Take a Photo: Choose the Picture button and follow the prompts to display a photo for a limited period of time. The last photo will automatically appear for your reference. If not designated, the photo’s behaviour will be prescribed by the “Revert to when Idle” time setting.


o    Add Attendance Note: This option allows a Visitor eg home-care nurse, to enter a note that is sent straight to Records area of the Management Hub.  These notes do not appear on the Noticeboard, and can be viewed and shared by anyone provided with the login details for the Hub.

How to Update Information in the Management Hub


The online Hub can be accessed using the Login button at the top of our website or if the device has Full Functionality, from the Main Menu (3 dots top right of Main Screen)


The Hub provides the following features that are not available in the App, and Tutorials can be accessed from each area:


o    Access to the full Appointment Diary/Calendar - makes it easier to manage multiple appointments


o    Use Recurring Appointments - schedule regular repeated appointments


o    Device List – manage Devices including designation of Full or Basic access. The Name of the Device can only be altered in Settings on the Device itself.


o    Records - store Documents and Notes which do not appear on the Noticeboard with three options – General, Medical and Attendance (see Add Attendance Note in section above)


o    Account Management - includes access to Username and Passwords.

Settings to consider if you are assisting someone


1.    Sleep setting – you can set the device to be awake 24/7 or to sleep at some times eg at night


2.    Font size – be careful here. The larger the font, the less fits onto the screen without the need to scroll. 25pt to 35pt is generally recommended.


3.    Functionality – this option is offered when the App is first installed and if not changed will automatically be set to Full which enables the User to change information.  If the User is not to touch the device, set to Basic. Functionality can be changed subsequently in the Account Management Hub.


4.    Revert to when idle page – choose which page you want the Noticeboard to display automatically if it is in someway interfered with. We recommend Summary which displays appointments and notes, but you can also nominate just Appointments, or just Notes.


5.    Server check frequency – 120-minute setting should be fine, but if, for whatever reason, updates are not quickly displaying on the Noticeboard, try the Refresh Data option on the Main Menu.  Generally we have found, unreliable internet is responsible for this type of issue. If it continues, please contact us for assistance.


Security Considerations 


Careful consideration should be given to the type of access provided to Users under your Membership.

When Full Functionality is enabled in the App, it allows the User of that Device to:


o    View and update information on the Noticeboard

o    Log directly into the Hub


When Basic Functionality is enabled in the App, it allows the User of that Device to:


o    Just view the Noticeboard

Users with Full Functionality on a Device, or if they are provided with Login credentials for the Hub can:


o    Access and edit the list of User Devices


o    Update information on the Noticeboard


o    Upload and view Documents and Notes that are stored in the Notes area


o    Access the Account details


When the App is first installed, the choice of Full and Basic Functionality is offered. Irrespective of what is chosen by that User, the type of Functionality can be changed from the Devices List in the Management Hub.

Recommendations for someone with Memory Loss & Organisational Issues

Noticeboard Settings

  1. ​If the User is not to touch the Device, functionality should be set to Basic.

  2. Summary Tab is likely to be the best Revert to choice ie if the device is disturbed, this page will automatically return.

  3. If you want the User to be able to check information at any time day or night, choose Keep Alive stay bright, but there are also Night Light settings that can be activated.

  4. Consider the font size - the larger the font, the less information can be displayed without the need to scroll.


Achieving the Best Results

1. The Tablet should:

  • be in a position where the Resident will naturally view it eg kitchen bench - if moving the device is a problem, explore wall mount options

  • be used purely as a display device ie not for other applications like Facebook, so it cannot be inadvertently left out of the Noticeboard

  • have access to power - if unplugging the device is an issue, use a power cord and plug into a point that's out of view

2. Generally a "less is more" approach is best. Be brief, to the point, and use simple language.

3. To help the Resident refer to the Noticeboard, each time he or she phones to confirm information, answer the question and reiterate that the information is on the Noticeboard. This is an important part of the process.

4. Ensure the information on the Noticeboard is accurate and ujp-to-date.

5. If the internet is not connect at the Residentce, there are a couple of options:

  • A spare mobile phone can be nominated as a Hot Spot, or you can purchase a Hot Spot for about $50. In either case, a SIM card is used and data purchased. The lowest data package is all that should be required to run the Noticeboard.

  • If the NBN is connect to the Residence, broadband can be added to the phone account for a nominal amount, generally about $10 per month

Handy Tips

For more Handy tips, CLICK HERE