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Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing Loss and Dementia

According to peak body Dementia Australia, hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia in later life, and much research has been and continues to be conducted to better understand what the relationship is, and how we might mitigate the risk factors. As individuals,...

It’s all about the Synapses

It’s all about the Synapses

I recently completed the Uni of Tasmania Wicking Dementia Centre's Understanding Dementia MOOC which is an online course attended by a vast range of professionals and non-professionals from around the world. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and have decided to do...


” With MemBo all I had to do was check when his next doctor’s appointment was and ring them to make sure the doctor was aware of this issue. It’s been a real life saver, and an absolute relief to be able to know what’s going on.”

Kerry, daughter

We are loving the ability for therapists to input their notes so kids and I are updated, and it enables easy multi-disciplinary approach.”

Julia, Family Member

” I hope the day comes when this communication tool is the norm across all aged care facilities – where families can leave messages and the staff can add notes about the visits they have had and leave clinical notes for the family.” 

Cara Phillips, Daughter

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