When considering how to support a loved one to continue to live independently in the face of deteriorating capacity – whatever that looks like – the natural response seems to be to look mainly to the physical.

By that I mean, aids that prevent falls, aids that track a change in regular behaviour, and how to get a person through the door to help with cooking or cleaning.

MemBo Noticeboard comes at the business of sustaining independence from a different angle – if you don’t know what’s going on in your day, you simply cannot live independently. 

For us, developing MemBo Noticeboard has been as a result of helping my own mother who has Alzheimer’s dementia to continue to live in her own home.

But irrespective of the issue – whether it’s dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, an acquired brain injury, mental health issues, or some other intellectual disability – being able to keep track of daily activities without the need to pick up the phone and constantly call for clarification is absolutely key to living independently, and importantly with dignity and some quality of life.

MemBo Noticeboard provides this support – and not just for the person who needs help to live independently. 

Because of its nature, it also supports family and carers – who inevitably become a vital player in the management of daily activities and information – with what can become a significant physical and emotional burden.

Simply put, MemBo Noticeboard replaces Calendars, Whiteboards and diaries with a live Noticeboard that displays appointments, notes and photos on tablets and mobile phones, and can be updated by multiple people from any tablet, mobile phone or computer.

For the family member or carer who’s on the ground, it provides welcome relief from constant calls for reassurance, while for others who live away – and that can be another city, state or even country – they can view the Noticeboard for information, but can also be active participants in the management and support of their loved one.

If this sounds like something that might work for you, your family, or for someone you know, please contact us directly by email at info@almani.com.au or check out our website for a great introduction and testimonial from one of our clients.