You may already understand, but just in case you don’t, MemBo Noticeboard is a live Noticeboard that displays appointments, notes, photos and documents on tablets and mobile phones, and can be updated my multiple people from anywhere in real time.

The benefits of the Noticeboard for people who need support to live independently, and for their families are substantial – whether that need is because of dementia, an acquired brain injury or some other condition that makes it difficult to keep track of daily appointments and other activities.

The Bigger Picture

The system has grown and matured and one of the important additions we have made is the capacity for Care Provider organisations to directly access the diaries of their clients to manage their own appointments and related notes for display on the client’s Noticeboard.

Virtually everyday in the news we see that one of the biggest problems facing families and care providers alike is a lack of effective, timely communication of information.

Apart from the stress this causes everyone concerned, it also presents a significant problem for Care Providers who are required to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Users enable care workers to access client diaries.

In doing so, families can share the load, and substantially increase the level and effectiveness of communication between themselves, their loved ones and care workers.

The Practical Stuff

Practically, by enabling this access, if there’s a last minute change to the care workers routine, like a change in the time or a different person being rostered on, they can update the information instantly on the Noticeboard which informs not only the client, but the Family as well since they have access to the Noticeboard themselves from phone or tablet.

From the care worker’s perspective, the information about their appointments is always accurate and can be altered by them at the drop of a hat.

They can display a worker photo as part of the appointment, and if that’s not relevant or not possible, an image like a shower, coffee cup or shopping trolley can feature.

The image can be scheduled to display more prominently with a white background for a period of time before the appointment, together with an audible alarm that alerts the client to an impending appointment.

The Benefits

Less missed appointments
Less phone calls to confirm information
Less confusion about who’s coming through the door
Less stress, and better, more reliable communication between providers, clients and their families

It’s a WIN-WIN!

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