Like so many great ideas, MemBo Noticeboard came about as the result of looking after our elderly parents - one in New Zealand and two here on gorgeous Moreton Bay - with an ever-increasing need to underpin things to ensure they remained independent for as long as possible - and importantly, to ensure they retained their dignity.

About Us

We have a background in Medical Administration Software & Services Development, with the common elements in our systems being communication, connecting and servicing people.

It was a natural step for us to look to designing a system that would assist us - and everyone else involved in our parents' care - to access and communicate information.

The system we have developed as the result, is relevant not only for those living with memory loss resulting from Dementia, but for anyone supporting a person living with these symptoms.

Initially, two of the major concerns for us were when my mother lost her drivers' licence, and when my stepdad became unable to manage his own medication. 

As my father became less and less able, so my mother became his primary carer, and responsible for virtually everything.

Over the next handful of years there was the need to support them in an increasing number of areas - medical appointments, family visits, accountant appointments, when documents were due, all kinds of things.

Even though we have continued to see them three times a week, what we really struggled with, was keeping my mother up-to-date with an increasingly unreliable short-term memory.

What we came up with, is a simple Online Noticeboard system that can be updated easily at the drop of a hat, and that anyone provided with permission can access from anywhere on the globe.

We hope that our system helps you, whoever, and wherever you are!                                       

“Video story created by LifeTec Australia as part of a project funded by the Dementia and Aged Care Service Fund”

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