We all have our daily routine – wake up, perhaps a coffee or tea in bed with the news on the TV, shower and get dressed, have breakfast, if you’re working from home go into your office and get your day started, or if you’re still going to a workplace get in the car or on a bus or train.

But just imagine if you woke up and didn’t know what was happening.

And imagine if in another 2 minutes or 5 minutes or 10 minutes, you still didn’t know what’s happening.

Then in another 2 or 5 or 10 minutes you still don’t know if you should be somewhere, if someone is picking you up or if anyone will call to tell you what’s going on.

And there are questions constantly going around and around in your head:

  • What about my bills, are they being paid?
  • I’m sure I’m out of pills, how do I get more?
  • Am I moving or is that my daughter?

Confusion, chaos, worry, panic is your world!

But what if, when you woke in the morning and in your bedroom or kitchen or lounge room, the first thing you saw was a Tablet displaying a simple, clear list of what’s happening in your day – what appointments, what times and who’s picking you up.

And if you’re into sport or movies, there are movies or games listed with a time and what channel.

And what would it be like if you could also see the answers to those questions that are constantly going around and around in your head?

For someone living with the constant confusion and worry that comes with dementia, this is sounding like a pretty good solution, right?

And if you’re supporting someone to live independently in the face of dementia – as I am with my 92 year old mum – this is sounding great, but what about the technology?

What about the fact that the person I support could never manage this kind of thing – in my mum’s case she had never even touched a Tablet!

Thankfully there is a solution, and it does not need to be touched by the person being supported to view the information.

MemBo Noticeboard displays appointments, notes and photos on Tablets and Mobile Phones, and can be updated by multiple people within the support network – family, friends, and if agreed, others like nurses and physios.

Because it can be set to display 24/7 or as needed, the information can be checked at any time, and as often as needed – a lifeline.

We know that MemBo Noticeboard significantly and immediately reduces the worry and stress that results from constant confusion, and for Family & Carers, it alleviates the overwhelm and worry that often results.

It’s a destabilising time for everyone right now, but especially for people with dementia and other conditions that lead to confusion and an inability to manage daily activities.

The TV constantly broadcasts terrifying and constantly changing information about a virus my mother has never heard of, and even though she sees it tens of times every day, cannot remember.

And there are significant changes in the behaviour of the people around you – suddenly there are gloves and masks and you’re not allowed to touch anyone – not even with an affectionate gesture.

MemBo Noticeboard provides a lifeline – for people who live with dementia and other conditions that result in confusion and a lack of ability to manage daily activities.

It can help your family and loved ones stay connected throughout this challenging time, enabling everyone to actively participate, and ultimately help to ensure the person you are supporting continues to live with some stability amidst the chaos.

If you would like to talk to me, please email me at anne-louise@almani.com.au, or you can visit our website for more information and to register for a FREE 30 day trial https://www.membonoticeboard.com

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