I have never doubted the value of Membo Noticeboard – there is no doubt that we have been able to give my 93-year old mum who lives with Alzheimer’s dementia the last 2 years of independent living as a direct result of creating it.

I usually see her several times a week, but right now, I have a whole new appreciation of the value of Membo Noticeboard for people who live away from their loved ones.

As I write, I am at my daughter’s cattle station an hour north of Julia Creek in north Queensland – roughly 8 hours’ drive west of Townsville and a 20-hour drive from Brisbane where we live.

My wonderful husband is at home keeping mum’s all-important routine going and managing any additional appointments or issues that may crop up – which of course, he is putting up on mum’s Noticeboard so that she knows what’s happening in her day.

Her routine is fairly stable – which is so very important for someone living with dementia – but while I’m up here, what can be quite unpredictable are my movements and my access to phones and internet.

At the minute, I can only access the internet for an hour in the morning and in the afternoon.

Having Membo Noticeboard has meant that I can keep an absolute check on mum’s schedule and any other important notes without the need for my husband to do anything other than what he would do anyway – update mum’s Noticeboard so that she has the information she needs.

There’s no need for him to try to track me down by phone, and no need to send an email and hope I get it. I can check the Noticeboard App on my mobile or tablet, or I can log into the online Family Hub – whatever works best for me at the time, and of course, I can check at any time day or night.

Also worth its weight in absolute gold has been the ability for mum’s cleaners, nurse and care workers to upload a quick Attendance Note to the online Family Hub BEFORE they leave her place with an all’s well or to let us know about something that needs attention.

From almost 2,000 kilometres away, I am completely connected with what’s going on.

I have peace of mind knowing I am fully up to date, and without adding any additional pressure on the team who are ensuring daily life and the resulting stability, continues for mum.

Who do you know that could benefit from Membo – someone living with dementia or another disability, or perhaps a family member who is struggling to maintain support?

Or is it you and your family who need help managing the day to day for a loved one?

We would love to help, so please feel free to email me directly at anne-louise@membonoticeboard.com

Click here for an intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yypLJzZTdVE