Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get Set Up?

Getting set up is very easy, and you can start wtih a 30 day free trial to ensure the Noticeboard will work well for you.

To display the Noticeboard, the App will need to be installed on mobile phones and tablets, and there is an online Hub where additional features can be accessed eg device management, a proper diary which makes it easy to do multiple and recurring appointments

You can commence the trial yourself by clicking the Start New Account button at the top of the website, or Contact Us using one of the many contact forms available and we'll h elp you.

In terms of what is needed for someone who needs support:

  • Tablet or Tablets - we recommend 10" or larger so that the information can be easily seen

  • Internet Access - the App uses only 1 to 2 GB so the most basic access is fine

  • Tablet Charger

  • Power Plug Timer

  • Stand or Mount

  • Access to power supply immediately adjacent

Will it work if mum or dad can't use a Tablet?

There is no need to touch or interract with the tablet to view the information. Information can be updated by multiple people from their own devices or computer, and if there is no need to scroll - not too much information and not having the type too large then the Noticeboard can be set to display 24/7 and not be touched.

What Size Tablet is best for my mum or dad?

We recommend 10” or larger so that the information is easy to view from a distance, however if the tablet is situated in a bedroom, then an 8" may be adequate.

We can proivde Tablet Packages and that information is available on the Pricing page.

Are there different types of Access?

Yes, there are two types - Bsaic and Full.

Full Functionality enables the User to update information and to directly access the online Management Hub.

Basic access enable the User only to view the Noticeboard.

How can you check if it's working properly at someone else's place?

There are a number of programs available that enable you to take control of another tablet or computer.

We recommend Team Viewer.

Can I use MemBo Noticeboard on more than one Tablet?

Yes. You can set MemBo Noticeboard up to function on more than one Tablet in the same residence, and for multiple users who can access the Noticeboard from elsewhere - any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

How do you get someone to check the Noticeboard for information?

The plan is to make the Noiceboard a trusted source. Firstly, ensure the information you place on the Noticeboard is absolutely reliable and up to date. Secondly, every time the person you are caring for rings to confirm an arrangement, provide the answer and then remind him or her that it is on the Noticeboard. Generally we find that people embrace the Noticeboard immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

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