Reduce the worry & overwhelm

Easy to Share

Easy for family to share information and responsibilities no matter where they live

Include Home Care Workers

Work more effectively with paid Carers and others in the support loop

Reduce the Stress & Worry

Reduce the need for the phone calls, the worry & the stress for everyone

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that helps you support your loved one to live independently

Whether it’s due to age, injury or conditions like dementia, acquired brain injury or another disability, not being able to keep track of daily activities leads to the loss of independence and dignity.

The support required can be substantial and relentless, especially for loved ones who can experience significant carer overwhelm – physically, emotionally and financially.

MemBo Noticeboard helps you update & display daily appointments & notes, WITHOUT the need to physically be there, and your loved one doesn’t have to touch the device to view the information!

Let Home Care Teams update their own appointments, including photo ID

No interaction required - your loved can view information any time and as often as needed without having to touch the Tablet

Pay through any Government support package - NDIS, My Aged Care or CHSP

Quick and easy to make instant updates from your mobile or tablet

Central online Hub to share information away from the Noticeboard

Don't have a tablet? We have great packages - click the button below for information

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our frequently asked questions or contact us today if you can’t find the answer to your question.

Will it work if mum or dad can't use a tablet?

There is no need to touch or interact with the tablet to view the information.

Once it’s set up for mum or dad, information can be updated by multiple people from their own devices or computer, and if there is no need to scroll (not too much information and not having the type too large) then the noticeboard can be set to display 24/7 and not be touched.

What do I need to get Set Up?

Getting set up is very easy, and you can start with a 30 day free trial to ensure the noticeboard will work well for you.

To display the noticeboard on a tablet or mobile phone the app will need to be installed, and there is an online hub where additional features can be accessed. For example, device management, a proper diary which makes it easy to do multiple and recurring appointments.

You can commence the trial yourself by clicking the Start New Account button at the top of the website, or contact us using one of the many contact forms available and we’ll help you.

In terms of what is needed for someone who needs support:

  • Tablet or tablets – we recommend 10″ or larger so that the information can be easily seen
  • Internet Access – the App uses only 1 to 2 GB so the most basic access is fine
  • Tablet Charger
  • Stand or Wall Mount
  • Constant access to power supply
Can I use MemBo Noticeboard on more than one tablet?

Yes.  The Noticeboard App can be installed on more than one tablet in the same residence, and multiple users can also access the noticeboard from elsewhere on mobile phones and tablets.

What Size Tablet is best for my mum or dad?

We recommend 10” or larger so that the information is easy to view from a distance, however if the tablet is situated in a bedroom, then an 8″ may be adequate.

We can provide tablet packages and that information is available on the pricing page.

Can we pay through a Home Care Package?

Yes, both the MemBo Noticeboard membership and tablet packages can be paid for through My Aged Care, NDIS and Commonwealth Home Care Packages.

Become a More Effective Carer

Your concerns with the worry and panic your loved one is experiencing add to the feelings of overwhelm, leading to carer burnout and an inability to provide support.

MemBo Noticeboard allows you to support your family member more effectively while protecting your own wellbeing.  You’ll provide better care, and for longer.

A Practical Solution

Marcus and his family were struggling to ensure that everyone knew what was going on in his day.

There were constant calls and questions about normal daily comings and goings.

Now everyone knows what’s going.

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