For Residential Facilities, this means that community events can be broadcast to all Residents' Noticeboards, or personal messages can be updated on just one Resident's Noticeboard.

Newsletters.. Safety Messages.. Meetings.. Service Notices..

Your Information into the Hands of your Clients & their Families

literally at the click of a button!

MemBo Noticeboard enables the update and immediate display

of Documents, Appointments, Information and Images on

a Tablets and Mobile Phones.

  • Newsletters, Community, Safety & any other Notices can be viewed by your Residents 24/7 - wherever they are

  • Families can be included so they're informed irrespective of where they live

  • Add value for your Clients with Personal Membership options that enable them to upload their own Appointments & Notes to their private Noticeboards

  • Personal Memberships mean your Residents can provide access for others to update their personal  Noticeboards eg Family, Service Providers

Display your information on ALL Client Noticeboards eg Newsletter, Safety Announcements or on just SOME eg Meetings, Working Bee Reminders.

Enable your Team, Clients and their Families to view your information 24/7 keeping everyone informed and included no matter where they are.

The System is easy to set up learn and useWe can help train your
team, and provide whatever support you need.  

Targetted Dissemination

Display your information for ALL of your client's eg Newsletters, Safety Announcements, or for just SOME eg meetings & working bee reminders.

Information  Sharing


Enable your Team, Clients & their Families to view your information keeping everyone informed no matter where

they are.

Super Simple System

The system is easy to set up, learn and use. We can help train your Team, and provide whatever type of support you need, including IT support.

Value Add for Clients


Want to add some value? We'll help you with Memberships that enable your Clients to use the system for private use, and can include Carers as the need arises.

Want to add some value? We'll help you by providing Personal Memberships that enable your Clients to use the system for private use.
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