MemBo Community

instant Updates for Consumers & their Families

Increase productivity

On-demand information means less staff time fielding requests for information

Reduce costs

Spend less on printing, reprinting and distributing information


Enhance your brand and reputation with a seamless customer experience

Meet Quality Standards

We’ll help you meet Aged Care Quality Standards 1, 4 & 6


that takes the pain out of keeping your community members informed

Getting information effectively into the hands of your community members, their families and other stakeholders presents a constant challenge for most organisations.

Printing and distributing information may be standard, but it’s time-consuming and expensive, and last-minute changes and updates are tedious & add more cost.

Sending information instantaneously to tablets & mobile phones is part of the road-map for the future.

Why not start your journey with MemBo Community?

MemBo Community is easy to set up and use, you won’t need an IT Department, and we’ll help you!

Calendar/Schedule for one-off or recurring events

Instant Notifications from the App (free) or via SMS

Provide on-demand access to PDF, Word and Text documents

Noticeboard area for important notices and announcements

Receive User Reports including photo evidence from the App to your desk

White-labeling for a seamless customer experience

Create the Structure that fits your Business needs

Our straightforward, flexible Management Hub makes it easy to create a framewrok that works for your Organisation.

You won’t need an IT Department and we’ll help you.


Target your information by:


Target your information to individuals or units


Target your information by group – working bees, committees


Target your information by floor – works in progress, last minute alerts


Target your information to an entire building – staff and residents


Target your information by department or area – work schedules and updates


Target different sites – across the city or across the country

BONUS MemBo Noticeboard for your Consumers & their Families

MemBo Community is part of a larger system that includes a personal-use Noticeboard.

If the time comes when Residents need assistance to live independently, this personal-use Noticeboard App displays appointments, notes and photos on tablets and mobile photos, and can be updated by multiple people, including family and home care providers from any mobile, tablet or computer.

When required, personal and community updates can be automatically integrated and displayed on one screen providing a seamless customer expreience.

Benefits of MemBo Noticeboard

Extends Independence

by helping people who need support to keep track of their daily appointments and activites with a live Noticeboard that can be updated by multiple people including families and home care workers

Involves Families

by providing an easy way for family members, irrespective of where they live or how involved they are to view and update the Noticeboard, and to share important information and notes in thier private online Family Hub

Early intervention Tool

For people who are actively planning for independence into the future, MemBo Noticeboard provides a calendar/schedule for the short-term, and the means for family & carers to provide support when needed

We'll help you meet the

Aged Care Quality Standards

1. Consumer dignity and choice

Your Clients are treated with dignity and respect, and can maintain their identities. They can make informed choices about their care and services, and live the life they choose.

4. Services and supports for daily living

Your Clients get the services and supports for daily living that are important for their health and well-being, and that enable them to do the things they want to do.

6. Feedback and complaints

Your Clients feel safe and are encouraged and supported to give feedback and make complaints. They are engaged in processes to address their feedback and complaints, and appropriate action is taken.

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