Aurous is quite simply, a wonderful organisation with an inspirational mission at its heart:  “To use the power of connection to reduce isolation and loneliness for Australians”

In particular, Aurous has the over 65s in its sights, and with recent restrictions because of covid, the problems associated with loneliness and isolation have increased exponentially, making the work done by the team at Aurous even more relevant and important.

The range of programs on offer is many and varied, but throughout, one of the primary focuses is enabling digital literacy in older people as a means to better address feelings of isolation and loneliness.

And as more and more of our daily tasks move online – in some cases now with absolutely no provision for face-to-face interaction or at best the intention to make it a difficult option to access – digital literacy is an absolute must no matter how old we are!

Among its offerings, Aurous enables weekly online meetings of like-minded people with a range of Clubs on offer:

Cuppa Club

Bring your cuppa!

This club is designed for general conversation and connection, where we can talk about everything and anything that the members of the Club wish to.

Armchair Travel

Join us for an adventure from the comfort of your armchair!

We’ll use Google to take you on a virtual trip around the world, as we visit some breathtaking locations and talk about travel in general.


Enjoy a great game of Virtual Bingo!

Come along and enjoy the fun and see how many numbers you can get – will you hold the winning ticket?

Greek Club

Hosted in English, our Greek Club will see you travelling virtually to Greece, chatting about Greek cooking and playing Greek themed Bingo.  This club is designed for people wanting to connect with others who have a Greek heritage or background.


Test your knowledge with the exciting addition to our Online Clubs!

Topics will include:

General Knowledge, Music, Sport, History, Film & TV.

 If you’re looking for a more one-on-one kind of option, there’s the Digital Social Connection Program.

Available for people living in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the DSCP supports people who would like assistance to remain socially connected, and is delivered through a weekly chat with a Volunteer Visitor via video call (Skype).

This program is great for first time digital technology users as all program participants are provided with an easy-to-use mobile device that comes pre-connected to the internet.

If you’re in need of support with the basics, the Digital Mentor program provides a weekly session that helps people with screen sharing and the basics of technology, at the same time developing confidence, and delivering personal growth.

CLICK HERE to check out the Digital Mentor program

Aurous even has its own radio station!!  Playing hits from the 50s, 60s and 60s 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you never be alone!

CLICK HERE to check it out including a direct audio link

If you’ve got something to contribute or like the idea of belonging to a community of people who support and encourage others, why not consider becoming a Volunteer?

There are three main volunteering opportunities at Aurous, each requiring a unique skill set and aptitude, but all equally rewarding.

Volunteer Visiting (in-home); Digital Visiting (video calling outreach); and Digital Mentoring (visiting seniors and supporting them to use digital technology).

                                                             CLICK HERE to learn more

So there you have it!

An impressive organisation providing an incredible range of services aimed at supporting older Australians to live better, more fulfilled lives, and we at Membo are absolutely delighted to be setting sail on this journeyof partnership!

If you think Membo can help you or someone you support, please contact