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straightfoward communication solutions since 2005

MemBo Noticeboard

Live Noticeboard App and online Management Hub that helps individuals, families and organisations to easily connect, communicate and share information

MemBo Community

Live Noticeboard App and Management system that makes it easy for community managers to instantly disseminate village and other key information to residents and others


Text messaging platform with a range of functionality that makes it easy for businesses of all types to leverage the power of text messaging for customer service, sales and marketing


MemboQ is a Waiting Area and Queue Management tool for today’s world. It enables self-registration on the Waiting List and management of the List from computer, tablet and mobile phone.

We have a background in medical software & services that enable effective communication


Membo Noticeboard is a product of Almani Enterprises whose team has been delivering smart communication & management solutions for personal and business use for over 30 years.

In the early 80s, our Head Software Developer, Mark Underwood created PPMP, a system which grew from the need for allied health practice management software.

By 2005, he was at the cutting edge of SMS appointment reminder technology with the revolutionary SMSAdvantage.

In 2021, he was the brains behind the creation and development of a brand new system – MemboQ Waiting Area & Queue management for today’s challenging world, and  more recently, in 2022 the creation of a simple App for the measurement and comparison of rainfall figures – My Rain.

Membo Noticeboard – the result of lived experience

Originating from the Co-Founders’ personal experience of helping an elderly parent to live independently with the onset of Alzheimer’s dementia, the initial Membo Noticeboard App has grown into a substantial system that includes:


  • Noticeboard App and online Family Management Hub for Individuals and Families
  • Management Portal for Home Care Teams
  • Noticeboard App and online Management Hub for Residential Communities


We have a passion for helping people and organisations to communicate in the most effective way.

At least as important, is our commitment to the creation of software and solutions that are practical, and easy to set up and use.

We support a culture of respect for our customers and the people we work with, and our goal is to provide consistently excellent support and services.

Mark & Anne-Louise Underwood

Our Team



Co-Founder, Director

As Queensland Manager for the international chamber music presenter Musica Viva Australia and its Musica Viva In Schools program, Anne-Louise developed sound corporate and government partnerships, and a culture of quality customer service which she has brought through into her own business. She is committed to helping people, and the development of MemBo Noticeboard has provided an extraordinary opportunity to combine this passion with the delivery of much-needed support for people living with dementia and other disabilities, and for Families & Carers.



Co-Founder, Software Development

Mark graduated Law from Christchurch University, and after practicing for a number of years began developing medical administration software. Among his successes he counts the creation of PPMP practice management software including versions created for hospitals and the therapies departments of numerous Universities, the implementation of a customer complaints system in Queensland’s Mater Hospital, and a partnership with Worksafe Victoria to create their first online & direct communication through modem service.



Marketing Consultant

Vicky’s has extensive experience across a broad range of industry including roles with Walt Disney World in Florida in the USA, and Marriott Hotels in the UK.  She has worked with Local Government in the UK and here in Australia has held senior marketing roles with both Local Government and Brisbane Marketing.  In 2015 she decided to create her own brand and business, and began Baker Street Marketing which continues to provide outstanding marketing services.  She joined the MemBo Noticeboard team as a consultant in 2018.




From Silicon Valley to Fortitude Valley, Dr MacDonald has a distinguished career working in aged care and dementia, and has a proven ability to drive continuous improvement, best practice and targeting one’s points of difference. He has held the roles COO at NewDirection Care and was responsible for the implementation of the person-centred care strategy at Sir Moses Montefiore Jewish Home The founder of blacksheepconsultant.com.au, when not consulting, he shares his passion with his university students.

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