About the system

Carer Support to effectively co-ordinate and share information in real-time

“We are loving the ability for therapists to input their notes so kids and I are updated, and it enables easy multi-disciplinary approach.” – Julia McCarthy, family member

Mobile App

Displays a live Noticeboard on Android and Apple tablets & mobile phones

Online Family/Team Hub

Accessed using any web browser on any computer or device

Online Organisation Hub

Access for Support Teams using any web browser from any workstation


We can do it all for you with Membership and Tablet Packages to suit your needs


Carer Support tool that helps you get on with the job of caring


  • The App displays the Noticeboard on Apple and Android tablets and mobile phones, and can be accessed by multiple people from anywhere
  • The online Family/Team Hub provides additional features and a central place to share information away from the Noticeboard


Depending on how support workers fit into your network, they can:

  • be treated as part of your Family/Team with full access to manage appointments and other information on the Noticeboard and in your online Family/Team Hub
  • be given limited access through the Organisation Hub to only manage their appointments and notes

Watch the video below for a comprehensive Introduction

What Families need to know


  • Multiple people under your Membership can install the App
  • Download free of charge from Apple & Google Playstores
  • Only 1-2GB data required
  • All members use the same login credentials and view the same Noticeboard
  • Different types of access can be granted
  • No need to touch device to view the Noticeboard once set up
  • Can display 24/7 on a stand or as needed depending on environment
  • Easy to manage basic functions – appointments, notes and photos
  • Visitor Attendance Notes can be submitted & shared eg support workers

Online Hub

  • Access using any web browser
  • Manage access for devices under the Membership
  • One-time creation of recurring appointments
  • Set photo or image to display with appointments
  • Activate appointment alarm as part of reminder process
  • Store information away from the Noticeboard eg travel plans
  • View Visitor Attendance Notes eg support workers
  • Enable low battery alert for specific devices
  • Send notifications to some or all devices for free

Supporting Someone?

  • 10″ or 8″ tablet depending on space
  • Display the tablet on a stand – table top or wall mount
  • If the tablet is likely to be interfered with, enquire about kiosk mode
  • Ensure constant power supply so that Noticeboard can display 24/7
  • Display in prominent position for easy reference
  • Remove calendars and whiteboards to keep focus on Noticeboard
  • Ensure Noticeboard settings are appropriate to the environment eg displaying 24/7 or in sleep mode through the night

Part of a bigger System

Membo Noticeboard is part of a larger system that also features a Residential Community Noticeboard App

Multiple people including Family & Support Teams can be allowed to update information displayed on the personal Noticeboard

Support Teams can be allowed to update a Client's Noticeboard as part of the Family group, or using the Organisation Hub

Residential Communities can distribute village updates using the Community Noticeboard system

Personal and Community Noticeboards can be enabled to integrate and display on one screen

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