About the system

Helping to connect, co-ordinate and share

For Individuals & Families

MemBo Noticeboard App & online Family Management Hub

For Home Care Providers

Organisation Management Hub

For Residential Communities

MemBo Community App and Management Hub


for Personal Memberships and for Community Subscriptions


Accessed by Individuals, Families, Carers and Organisations

The full MemBo Noticeboard system consists of a live noticeboard App and online Family Management Hub for personal use, Management Hub for Home Care Providers, and a Community noticeboard system for Residential Communities.

When enabled, the information on the personal and community Noticeboards can be integrated to display on one screen.

How it Works

Individuals & Families can update information displayed on a personal Noticeboard in the App on mobile phone or tablet and in the online Management Hub

Home Care Providers can be allowed to directly access a Client's personal diary to update their own appointments from the Organisation Hub

Residential Communities can distribute village and other important information through the Community Noticeboard App on mobile phones and tablets

Personal and Community Noticeboards can be enabled to integrate and display on one screen

What Families need to know

About the Live Noticeboard App

  • Update appointments, notes & photos
  • Download free of charge from Apple & Google Playstore
  • Only 1-2GB data required – typically costing from $10 to $15 per month
  • Multiple settings include text size, night-time behaviour
  • Auto reverts to selected display screen
  • No need to touch device to view the Noticeboard once set up

Family Management Hub Features

  • Full-function diary for easier appointment management
  • One-time creation of recurring appointments
  • Manage type of access for each device under the membership
  • Store important notes, including Home Care Team attendance notes
  • Photos uploaded for display can include a caption

Recommendations when supporting someone

  • 10″ or 8″ tablet depending on space
  • Tablet displayed on a stand – can be tabletop or wall mounted
  • Power supply to enable Noticeboard to display constantly
  • Tablet displayed in prominent position for easy reference

MemBo Community

Getting information effectively into the hands of your community members, their families and other stakeholders presents a constant challenge for most organisations.

Printing and distributing information has tended to be standard, but it’s time-consuming and expensive, and last-minute changes are tedious and add even more cost.

With a constantly-changing demographic, the demands for instant updates is part of the Roadmap for the Future.

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