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Assistive Technology that Simplifies Life for Everyone


  • easy to set up and use
  • replaces Calendars, Whiteboards & paper Diaries
  • can be updated in real-time by multiple people including Family, Carers and Support Teams from Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones
  • easy to share information among all Users – the Noticeboard itself and additional options in the online Family/Team Hub
  • cost can be covered by NDIS, My Aged Care, CHSP

Benefits for people who need support

CREATES STABILITY because the Noticeboard is always up to date

ENABLES INDEPENDENCE because information can be viewed without the need to check with anyone

REDUCES CONFUSION because the noticeboard can be checked as often as needed day or night

EXTENDS INDEPENDENCE because responsibility for maintaining the Noticeboard can be shared among multiple people

Benefits for Families, Carers & Support Teams

REDUCES CARER OVERWHELM because appointments & other information can be updated in real-time from anywhere

IMPROVES COMMUNICATION because updates can be shared in real-time between family members, carers and support teams

REDUCES missed appointments and constant phone calls to confirm information because the Noticeboard is always up-to-date

REDUCES WORRY because people being supported are more stable and less stressed

For Families & Carers

Help your loved one and maintain your own health & well-being

For Support Teams

Prevent missed appointments and communicate more easily with Family & Carers


Download free resources from educational information to Membo User Videos & Tutorials


30 Day free trial, and costs can be put through NDIS, My Aged Care & CHSP

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our frequently asked questions or contact us today if you can’t find the answer to your question.

Will it work if the person I support can't manage a tablet?


There is no need to touch or interact with the tablet to view the information.

Once it’s set up for mum or dad, information can be updated by multiple people from their own devices or computer, and if there is no need to scroll (not too much information and not having the type too large) then the noticeboard can be set to display 24/7 and not be touched.

The Person I'm supporting lives in a room not in a house so having it on all the time is a problem - what can we do?

In the App Settings you can keep the device alive, and set it to ‘go to sleep’ at a certain time and to automatically ‘wake up’ at another time eg 9pm to sleep and 6am to wake.

What do I need to get Set Up?

Getting set up is very easy, and you can start with a 30 day free trial to ensure the noticeboard will work well for you.

To display the noticeboard on a tablet or mobile phone the app will need to be installed, and there is an online hub where additional features can be accessed. For example, device management, a proper diary which makes it easy to do multiple and recurring appointments.

You can commence the trial yourself by clicking the Start New Account button at the top of the website, or contact us using one of the many contact forms available and we’ll help you.

In terms of what is needed for someone who needs support:

  • Tablet or tablets – we recommend 10″ or larger so that the information can be easily seen
  • Internet Access – the App uses only 1 to 2 GB so the most basic access is fine
  • Tablet Charger
  • Stand or Wall Mount
  • Constant access to power supply
Can I use MemBo Noticeboard on more than one tablet?

Yes.  The Noticeboard App can be installed on more than one tablet in the same residence, and multiple users can also access the noticeboard from elsewhere on mobile phones and tablets.

Data - how much will we need to run Membo Noticeboard?

Membo needs very little data to function – 1 to2 GB should be sufficient.

If large volumes of photos are uploaded this may affect the data requirement significantly, so be cautious about which Members are allowed to upload photos ie Full Functionality.

Can we pay for it through a home support package?


MemBo Noticeboard memberships and the cost of Tablet Packages can be paid for through your My Aged Care, NDIS or Commonwealth Home Care Packages.


Do you have any training Videos?

The App and the online Hub each include access to dedicated User Tutorials.

These and other guides are available from the Guides & Tutorials page on this website.

How do I get someone to check the Noticeboard for information?

The plan is to make the noticeboard a trusted source.

Firstly, ensure the information you place on the noticeboard is absolutely reliable and up to date.

Secondly, every time the person you are caring for rings to confirm an arrangement, provide the answer and then remind him or her that it is on the noticeboard.

Generally we find that people embrace the noticeboard immediately.



What are Visitor Attendance Notes?

These provide the ability for visitors eg clinicians, support workers to write a note before they leave the residence and share it in real-time with others including family and other support workers.

These notes are typed onto the Noticeboard, and when saved do not remain but are sent directly to the online Hub where they are locked (cannot be changed) upon arrival.

With permission, they can be accessed in the App as well as the Hub.

What size tablet is best?

We recommend 10” or larger so that the information is easy to view from a distance, however if the tablet is situated in a bedroom, then an 8″ may be adequate.

We can provide tablet packages and that information is available on the pricing page.

Connecting to the Internet

There are many options when enabling internet connection.

The most stable option is to take a small data package as part of a landline, ande if the device is basically required to display Membo Noticedboard, then the lowest allowance is all that is needed..

The next most stable is a mobile hotspot located in the home, but if it is desirable to to take the device elsewhere, then a SIM enabled device is the best choice.

What is the "revert to when idle" setting in the App?

The App has 3 different display pages:

Summary shows 2 days of Appointments and all Notes

Notes shows just the Notes

Appointments shows 14 days of Appointments

The “revert to” setting ensures that the device automatically go back to the chosen page if it winds up out of that page for any reason.

How will I know if the battery goes flat on the tablet of the person I support?

As part of the Device Management options in the Hub, you can enable a battery alert to be sent to you by email, as a Notification and as a text message.

To access text messaging, please contact us.

+61 7 3880 4535

Can I make the Noticeboard stay on 24/7?


In the App Settings you can keep the device alive, and you can also set the device to ‘go to sleep’ at a certain time and to automatically ‘wake up’ at another time eg 9pm to sleep and 6am to wake.

How do we invite people to join our Membership?

This can only be done from the Main Menu in the App.

Unlike som other systems, ALL users under your Membership will use the SAME account credentials to install the App, and all will view the same Noticeboard.

When you invite someone there is automatically generated email, but the account credentials are not included for security reasons.

You will need to include these in the email yourself.

Home Care and Support Workers - how to include them

If you are working with a support team, there are numerous options for including them in the update and sharing of information.

They can be allowed to:

– access all areas which means they have access to both the online Hub and the App to update appointment and other information

– just manage their own appointments and related notes using the Organisation Hub

– view and share their own and others’ Visitor Attendance Records

Please contact us to discuss your needs. or +61 7 3880 4535

What about overseas use?

The Noticeboard will automatically address different time zones.

If you are updating the Noticeboard for someone who lives in another country, you do not need to allow for this when creating appointments as the device will automatically recognise the local time.

Security Considerations

It is important to consider what information is stored in your online Hub and who has access to what.

Whilst all reasonanble measures are taken to enbsure security, there can be no assurances with any online system.

Are there different types of Access?

Yes, there are two types – basic and full.

Full Functionality enables the user to update information and to directly access the online management hub.

Basic access enables the user only to view the noticeboard.

What is Kiosk Mode?

If the device is to have ONLY Membo Noticeboard available, we can put the device into kiosk mode.

When enabled, NOTHING else can be accessed from the device.

How can you check if it's working properly at someone else's place?

There are a number of programs available that enable you to take control of another tablet or computer.

We recommend Team Viewer.


“Dad’s in Brisbane and we’re in Melbourne.  It’s been an absolute relief to have the ability to know what’s going on…it’s been a real life saver.”

Kerry Upham, Daughter

“It has made a significant difference to my mother’s wellbeing and quality of life.”

Phil Allen, Son

“Membo has been great for my family, my support team and myself as it has allowed me to be less reliant on family to let me know who I can expect on shift because I can look myself. My support team will upload their shift with pictures included as a visual reminder for me. I highly
recommend Membo.”

Jaydon Smart, living with complex physical disabilities

“The Noticeboard has made a real difference in managing a complex and challenging support plan. With up to 12 support workers providing care support 24/7 the App has enabled his whole support team to connect on another level to meet Joshua’s needs.” 

Lisa Fitzpatrick, Friend young person with complex physical disabilities

Lived Experience

Co-Founder Anne-Louise Underwood shares her lived experience of assistive technology Membo Noticeboard in supporting her own mother who lives with Alzheimer’s dementia.

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